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Venue Rental Information

Clubhouse rental includes:

  • Clubhouse

  • Patio/patio furniture

  • Tables/chairs for up to 96 guests

    • Tables

      • 10 - eight-foot guest tables (dimensions 8'x3')

      • 1 - ten foot buffet table (dimensions 10'x3')

      • 2 - eight foot buffet tables (dimensions 8'x3')

      • 1 - eight foot picnic table (dimensions 8'x3.5')

      • 6 round patio tables (dimensions vary, seating capacity 24)

    • Chairs

      • 96 tan metal folding chairs

      • 12 bar stools

      • 4 picnic table stools

      • 20 patio chairs

  • Use of surrounding lawn areas

  • Wi-Fi

  • 2 apple smart TVs

  • Pandora subscription radio

  • Indoor/outdoor sound

  • Restroom supplies

  • Garbage receptacles

  • Trash bags.

Tent space rental includes:

  • Clubhouse, patio and tent area

  • All listed above with the clubhouse rental

  • Tables & chairs up to 250 people

  • Bar Staff

Venue Rental FAQ


Clubhouse seating capacity

  • 108 maximum

  • 96 at tables

  • 12 at the bar

Are we allowed to bring in our own alcohol?

No. We have a liquor license that allows us to serve a full bar (beer, wine and liquor). All alcohol must be purchased through Fortitude.

Are the volleyball pits included in the clubhouse rental?

No. The volleyball pits must be rented separately if you wish to use them at your event.

Can we have a wedding ceremony on site but not rent the clubhouse?

No. The ceremony locations are all located within the Clubhouse Rental outdoor space therefore, you must rent the clubhouse if you are having a ceremony onsite.

Does Fortitude provide a tent?

Yes, only during the months of June thru October. 250 people maximum

What time can we get in to setup?

Your rental time is a set block of time. Your setup and cleanup must occur during that time frame. If you rent a 6-hour block, your event should be a maximum of 4 hours leaving you an hour for setup and an hour for cleanup. If you need extra time for setup/cleanup, you can rent additional time at an hourly rate.

Do we have to setup/teardown tables and chairs ourselves?

Most often there are tables and chairs setup but you are responsible for arranging them. You may have to bring out more or put some away to accommodate your guest count. We do ask that you place the chairs on the tabletops at the end of your event so we can clean the floors.  

Can I bring stuff in and/or setup the night before my event?

If you would like to setup or bring items in the night before, you would need to rent the clubhouse for that evening.

Can we come the next morning to clean up and remove our belongings?

No. If you would like to come back the next morning for cleanup, you will need to rent the clubhouse for that time.

How long do I have for setup/cleanup?

Your setup and cleanup need to happen within your reservation block. If you have a 6-hour block, plan for your event to be a portion of that 6 hours leaving you time for setup and cleanup.

Do we have to clean the clubhouse at the end of our event?

Yes. We ask that you leave the clubhouse in the state it was when you arrived.  We will wipe down tables, clean the bathrooms and mop the floors for you but ask that you take care of cleaning up spills, sweeping up debris from the floors, and placing garbage in the dumpster located on the property.  

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