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Enjoy The Winter Experience

We are excited to add a winter time experience for you to enjoy at Fortitude Farms and Events. Come out for some fun on the tube hill, stay warm around the fire while cooking s'mores and enjoy some hot chocolate or an adult beverage.

This winter we want you to get outdoors and take in some fresh air. We will have the tube hill open certain days of the week along with a concession shack serving up some hot drinks, cold drinks, s'more kits and popcorn.

Unfortunately with the ground not being frozen, the hill is closed until further notice

Hot coco on a cold day
Tubing down and having fun
Warmup at the fire
S’mores over the fire

Check in for NO SCHOOL SNOW DAYS tubing

Dates and Hours

  • December 28th 

    • 1p - 10p​

  • Fridays in January & February

    • 6p - 10p​

  • Saturdays in January & February

    • 1p - 10p​

  • Sundays in January & February

    • 12p-5p​

Tube Hill will close for the season after February 26th

Tubing Times

Tubing sessions start at the top of the hour and are 55 mins. We use the remaining 5 mins of the hour to clear the hill for the next group

Ex: 1p - 1:55p

      2p - 2:55p

      3p - 3:55p

We only allow 30 tubers on the hill per hour. Please reserve your spot.

We provide all tubes for the hill. We do not allow outside tubes on the hill.

Not tubing???

Come and hang out around the hill and stay warm be the fire. We will have concessions available at the shed such as s'mores, hot coco, hot dogs, popcorn and more. 

21 and older, we will have adult beverages available for purchase. Outside alcohol is NOT permitted on the premises.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

  • All sales are final and there are no refunds

  • Purchased tickets cannot be rescheduled or exchanged, unless confirmed by Fortitude Farms

  • If we need to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances or unsafe weather conditions, we will notify you if you have reservations for that day via email. In the event we have to close for the day, we will refund you reservation purchase. 

    • Please check your email before coming to the farm​

General Rules 

  • Upon registration, each individual will receive an email with a confirmation number. 

  • Each individual who purchased a tubing ticket is required to sign a waiver before entering the hill. A link will be provided at check out when purchasing a ticket.

    • The waiver may be signed online at check out or at the Shack. ​

    • All minors, under the age of 18, must have a parent or guardian sign in the designated spot on the waiver form

  • Please arrive 20 minutes before your reservation to ensure enough time to check in & place your ticket on your coat.

  • Please park in the designated area upon arrival to the farm

  • All tubers must check in at the Shack and have a ticket visible on your coat to have access on the hill

  • Space is limited on the tubing hill. We encourage people to make reservations online or to call ahead to make sure there is room.

  • No climbing on the side of the tubing hill

Tubing Hill Rules


  1. All tubers must sign a waiver before using the hill and must have a ticket on their jacket

  2. We provide the tubes. All other outside tubes, sleds or boards are not PERMITTED to be used on the hill.

  3. We only allow 30 tubers on the hill per hour. Please purchase your ticket before coming to insure a spot.

  4. Helmets are not required. However, we encourage people to wear one.

  5. Tube rentals are for 55 minutes. Each rental starts at the top of each hour ending 5 minutes before the next hour to clear the hill for the next group

  6. Only 1 person per tube at all times

  7. Children must be the age of 5 or older to be on a tube

  8. Tubers will have to walk up the designated path back to the top. We do not provide a pull system to assist you.

  9. Tubers must be able to walk up the hill on their own to be able to tube down 

  10. We have a designated area to walk up the hill. Tubers will be able to pull their tube by the strap connected to the tube

  11. Only 1 tube can go down each shoot at a time. Follow our worker's signal before going down the hill to make sure the lane is clear.

  12. Once at the bottom, exit immediately to the walking path

  13. Only tubers are allowed on the hill 

  14. Tubing my only occur during operational hours. No one is allowed on the hill outside of operational hours

  15. Tubers must remain inside the fenced area and are not allowed to tube down the sides of the hill

* Tubing may be dangerous. By purchasing a tubing ticket, you assume the risk of all injuries*

Printable Waiver

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