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Date Night Amongst The Flowers

Elevate your outdoor experience to new heights with a charming and intimate evening amidst the blooming flowers of Fortitude. Revel in the aromatic scents and vibrant colors of the flora, while indulging in a thoughtfully crafted charcuterie boarded a premium bottle of wine. 

A perfect way to unwind, relax and relish the finer things in life.


Fortitude Farms is now offering

"Date Night Amongst The Flowers"

What it entails

- A bottle of red or white wine with 2 glasses

- 1 savory & 1 sweet charcuterie cone

- a blanket and crate

- space reserved in the flowers

How It Works

- Reserve your spot

- Arrive around 730p

- Check in at the Saloon

- Enjoy an evening in the flowers

- Ends around sunset

* Crate and blanket must be returned to the saloon*

*If the weather is bad, reservations can be moved to another date*


To be determined


Share your time with a loved one

Enjoy the sunset

Enjoy the sunset

Hold each other

live laugh love

Take a selfie

Always time for a selfie

Enjoy others company

Enjoy the company of others

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