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Corn Maze

Welcome to the corn maze at Fortitude Farms & Events! Not only do you get to find your way through the maze, but you also get the chance to be a detective and solve the "Farm Scene Investigation" mystery game! Farmer Joe is missing, and it is up to you to find him.


Cash & Credit Card of accepted

Adults (12+) - $10

Youth (5 - 11 years) - $8  

Kids (4 - under) - FREE with paid adult

Groups (15 or more) - $9 Adult & $7 Youth


*Children 15 and younger must be

chaperoned by an adult within the maze.

CLOSED for the year 


Monday - Thursday

 Group reservations only. (Groups 15+) 


5p - 9p (stop selling tickets)


1p - 9p (stop selling tickets)


11a - 5p (stop selling tickets)

*The corn maze remains open for 1.5 hours after ticket sales close*

*Group reservations get up to 2 hours max in the maze*

2023 Maze Design



- Stay on established paths at all times

- Don't cut through the corn or marked areas

- Don't pick, pick up or throw any corn

- No smoking or open flames

- No alcohol allowed in the maze

- Have fun, be courteous to others

- At least 1 flashlight mandatory per group, available for purchase

* Paths are uneven and can be slick, ENTER at your own risk*​

Corn Maze Games

Corn Maze Game

We need your help, Farmer Joe is missing. We need you to investigate the suspects and find out who took him. Explore the maze searching for 6 checkpoint locations. Each location will give you clues leading up to who took Farmer Joe. GOOD LUCK!

Farm Scene Tracks


Come and search for the animal who stole Farmer Joe's pie and learn about animal tracks in the process. It is a tactile game that adds to the fun of the maze while allowing them the thrill of solving a mystery. 

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