Live Happy, Not Perfect


Fortitude Farms & Events

established in 2016

What was once Bennington Hills Golf Course, 

is now Fortitude Farms & Events.


I love sharing my passion with others. This venture started in 2011 when I opened a personal training facility, Fitness Coliseum, in Owosso, Michigan.

In 2016, my wife Lauren and I, decided to purchase this piece of property. With 120 acres to work with, we had large blank canvas. Fortitude Outdoor Fitness was created with the mindset of an outdoor fitness training location. We held 5K races, team building and fitness classes. From there we expanded into a venue by hosting private parties and weddings, calling it Fortitude Outdoor Fitness & Venue.

Our farming lifestyle started in 2019 with a half acre pumpkin patch. We learned a lot from the small patch and decided it was something we wanted to do, only more.  


2020, the year of Covid-19, we focused on utilizing more of the land. We increased our patch size, have added a variety of wildflowers and sunflowers and planted an 8 acre corn maze. 

I take pride in the land and what/how we evolve. From fitness to venue, we offer more on one piece of property than ever before. Spring, Summer and Fall is filled with events, sand volleyball, outdoor concerts, 5K races and more. My goal is for you to have a great time and experience when you visit Fortitude!

Get outdoors and explore,

- Alec Faber, owner of Fortitude